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2015 Spring Craft/Vendor Fair

posted Jan 19, 2015, 8:19 PM by Sherry Tenhundfeld   [ updated ]

**Volunteers are still needed!**  Contact Debbie if you can help!
The 2015 Spring Craft and Vendor Fair is Saturday, March 7 from 10am - 2pm.  The registration form has been posted below.  Please submit your registration by February 20, 2015.  We also have a flyer you can print out and distribute to help us advertise the vendor fair!
Volunteers are needed for the following dates/times:
Friday evening (March 6th) starting about 6:30pm.  Please be there no later than 7pm.  If we have plenty of help, it shouldn't take very long to set up.
Day of Fair:
We will get started at 7am (Vendors/Crafters permitted to enter at 7:30am)
Volunteers needed for these shifts:
7am to 10am
10am to 1pm
1pm to 4pm
Please contact Debbie Hauser at or 513-748-0705 if you can assist in any way.

Band Christmas Party

posted Dec 2, 2014, 4:36 PM by Sherry Tenhundfeld

Just a reminder, the Band Christmas Party is on Saturday, December 13, 2014 at 6:00 P.M. in the Commons at the high school. Freshman and Seniors are asked to bring a dessert. Sophomores and Juniors are asked to bring a side dish. A flyer (attached below, use the download arrow on the right side of the screen to open and print) will be going home with students this week for your RSVP and what you are bringing in. Please return form no later than December 8th so we can plan accordingly. We encourage the entire family to attend. There will be games, activities and a DJ for a fun evening. Hope to see you there!!
Sandy and Scott

December 8, 2014 Fundraiser

posted Dec 1, 2014, 8:19 PM by Sherry Tenhundfeld   [ updated Dec 1, 2014, 8:31 PM ]

Please see the attached flyer for our next fundraiser which is MondayDecember 8th anytime between 5:00pm and 8:00pm.  Please print the attached flyer (use the download arrow on the right) and bring this with you to Chick-fil-A and 15% of the proceeds will go back to the band association.  Please either make copies or email your friends and family with this flyer and ask them to come out.  This is a easy and effective way for us to raise funds for the band.  This will be sent out to the school district through social media and we will also be sending home a copy with the students.  As you can see there are 4 of these coupons on 1 sheet.  If you need extra copies and need me to make them for you, just let me know, the best way to contact me would be through email ( or you can text me at 513.748.0705.


Debbie Hauser
Oak Hills Band Association
Ways and Means

November 11, 2014 Fundraiser

posted Nov 10, 2014, 7:49 AM by Sherry Tenhundfeld

The Band Association is having two fundraisers on Tuesday, November 11th!
One is at F&N Goode Chick'n Tenders on Crookshank Road.  It is an all day fundraiser and their hours are 10:30am to 9:00pm.  20% of all proceeds will be donated to the Band Association.  Dine-in or carry out both eligible for the fundraiser, but you must bring the attached flyer. The phone number is 513-451-3000.
The other one is at Orange Leaf on Glenway Avenue.  It is also an all day fundraiser and their hours are 11:00am to 10:00pm.  10% of all proceeds will be donated to the Band Association.  You must bring the attached flyer.
Come out for dinner and dessert and support the band!!

Holiday Band Concert

posted Oct 22, 2014, 7:56 PM by Sherry Tenhundfeld   [ updated Dec 16, 2014, 11:18 AM ]

Mark your calendar!  December 16th is the Holiday Band Concert!  It starts at 7pm and is usually held in the Auditorium.  Invite your friends, family, co-workers,'s a GREAT show!!
We need snacks for the reception after the concert.  Cookies, brownies, etc - anything else you can think of that would taste yummy!!  You can drop off your snack at the tables on your way into the auditorium.
Thanks in advance!!

Fall Band Concert

posted Oct 20, 2014, 7:26 AM by Sherry Tenhundfeld   [ updated Oct 20, 2014, 7:38 AM ]

This Wednesday, October 22, 2014 at 7:00pm in the auditorium is the Fall Band Concert.
Please help us PACK the auditorium!!!
The band students work extremely hard preparing for all of their concerts and it's disappointing to them when there are so many empty seats for the show.
Everyone worked hard at filling the auditorium last year for the end of year concert.  It made such a positive impact, not just for the students, but even for the parents to see the amazing support.  I heard some students even make comments about how many were in attendance!
Please, help us pack every concert this year!  Invite family, friends, neighbors, co-workers or anyone else you can think of.  Give them a ride if you have to!  Make an evening of it, go get a bite to eat then take in a wonderful event!
You can make such a dramatic impact just by being there!

Senior Recognition Night

posted Sep 23, 2014, 7:53 AM by Sherry Tenhundfeld   [ updated Sep 23, 2014, 7:54 AM ]

Senior Recognition Night this year is October 17, 2014.  Students will be given their musical note after practice on Tuesday, September 23rd to take home and decorate.  Students need to bring their decorated notes back on October 17th for the ceremony.
**Please make sure the two holes in the note are not covered up.  The holes are there so they can be placed on stands.

Thank you to Marathon!

posted Sep 5, 2014, 10:32 AM by Sherry Tenhundfeld

The Band Association would like to say a big "THANK YOU" to the Marathon station at the five-way.  They have been supporting the band for years, providing ice for band events throughout the entire school year!  Please help us support them by patronizing their station and let them know how much we appreciate their help.

Notes from the OHBA President!

posted Aug 27, 2014, 7:13 PM by Sherry Tenhundfeld   [ updated ]

Email from 3/4/15:
Thank you for all of the help so far with signing up for the upcoming vendor craft fair.  We do still need volunteers.  I have open spots at all of the shifts, so please let me know if you can help out.  We have a 7am to 10am, 10am to 1pm and 1pm to 4pm.  Please email Debbie Hauser at or text 513-748-0705 if you can help.
We also need your help with getting the word out about the craft fair.  If you already have a sign, just use duct tape or something to correct the date and put it out in your yard.  (We did run out of stickers.)  Please put information out to all you know inviting them to the craft fair, the admission price is $2.00.  We have a large amount of crafters and vendors at this fair and no one will be disappointed if they come out to shop.
Email from 2/19/15:
We need volunteers for the Best of Oak Hills variety show on February 26, 27 and 28 (NEXT WEEK!)  We need help each night from 6pm to 9:30pm and also for the Saturday matinee from 1pm to 4:30pm.  If you can assist in any way, please contact Cindy Jacobs at 513-574-4331.
Email from 2/19/15:
We are in need of additional volunteers to help out with the March 7th Vendor/Craft Fair.  See the Craft Fair post for additional details.  Please contact Debbie Hauser if you can assist in any way.  Email or call 513-748-0705.
Email from 2/3/15:
This Saturday, February 7th, the band will be performing at two basketball games.  We are providing walking tacos for the students between games.  We are asking for dessert donations from the parents.  If you can send in or drop off any type of dessert for the kids, it would be greatly appreciated.  If you prefer to drop off, you can do that in The Commons area by 3:00 - 3:30.  Thanks!!
Email from 1/7/15:
The Bandathon scheduled for tomorrow night (1/8/15) has been cancelled.  It will be rescheduled in the spring.
Email from 12/14:
The holiday concert is this coming Tuesday, 12/16/14, 7pm - 9pm in the auditorium
We need snacks for the reception after the concert.  Cookies, brownies, etc - anything else you can think of that would taste yummy!!  You can drop off your snack at the tables on your way into the auditorium.
Also, Let's Pack the House!!!  Please invite family, friends, neighbors and co-workers!  I heard students talking after the last concert about how many people were there, so they truly do notice the support they receive.
Hope to see everyone there!!
Email from 12/1:

Just a reminder, the Band Christmas Party is on Saturday, December 13, 2014 at 6:00 P.M. in the Commons at the high school.  Freshman and Seniors are asked to bring a dessert.  Sophomores and Juniors are asked to bring a side dish.  A flyer will be going home with students this week for your RSVP and what you are bringing in.  Please return form no later than December 8th so we can plan accordingly.  We encourage the entire family to attend.  There will be games, activities and a DJ for a fun evening.  Hope to see you there!!  

Sandy and Scott

(The flyer that went home before Thanksgiving break and aforementioned flyer will be available on our website sometime this week) 

Email from 11/10:
We have two easy fundraisers happening tomorrow, Tuesday 11/11/14.  These are my kind of fundraisers because all you have to do is EAT!  We hope with school being out everyone would have an opportunity to make it to one, if not both, establishments.   

One is at F&NGoode chick'n tenders located at 5102 Crookshank Rd. 45238.  (In the small center where Lutz Flowers is located.)  This is all day 10:30am - 9:00pm.  20% of all proceeds will go to band.  You can dine-in or carry out.  (451-3000)      

Second one is at Orange Leaf located at 6173 Glenway Ave. (Near Krogers/across from new fitness place.)  This, too, is all day 11:00am - 10:00pm.  10% of all proceeds will go to band.  

The band students were given flyers yesterday for these fundraisers.   YOU NEED TO TAKE THE FLYERS TO EACH LOCATION IN ORDER FOR THE BAND TO RECEIVE THE PROCEEDS.

The flyers are posted here and here.

Email from 11/3:

We’d like to get the word out about our upcoming 2014 Craft Fair and we are asking for your help with our biggest fundraiser.  Not only is this our biggest fundraiser, but it is the largest in it's history!  We currently have 300 crafters registered this year, possibly even more to come.  If you are on Facebook, please go to the district’s Facebook page (Oak Hills Local School District) and look for Events.  You will see an Event entry for the Oak Hills Band Association Holiday craft fair – please click on that one and then…ShareLikeInvite your friends!  Ask them to pass it on!  Or you can use this link to go straight to the district’s event page -  Let’s get the word out and pack the craft fair!  This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and we depend on the money this raises to continue doing great things for the students in the band.  It’s also a fun time with lots of great holiday gift ideas!


Email from 11/1:
The Football season is officially over and we almost made it through without needing the rain coats.  It was a cold one last night even with the coats but it sure was nice that the kids had them.  Thank you to all the parents that volunteered their Friday nights to support their kids and help the band.  The season wouldn't have been such a success without all your help.  We truly appreciate it! Thank you to everyone that sent snacks in for the kids as well. They enjoyed them!  

Our next event is the Veteran's Day Parade on November 9.  The parade is in Cheviot this year at 2:00 p.m. Since the parade is so close we are hoping that everyone can come out to support the band and watch them perform in the parade.  The kids would love to see your support in the crowd. 

The craft fair is coming up as well.  It's November 15, 9-3.  We still need volunteers from 6:00 am to clean up.  If you're available and haven't signed up, we would love to have your help.  Debbie Hauser will be contacting those that have already signed up to help out.  Thanks again for all your help during football season and we hope to see you all at the craft fair.  

Email from 10/29:
Thank you to everyone who sent in candy!!  All the kids will be able to enjoy a nice trick or treat bag!!
Special Thanks for the homemade treats!!
Email from 10/26:
Anyone wishing to share current and future photos and/or videos for the end of year show, please forward them to Angie Connors at  If you would like them to be posted on this website, also send them to the webmaster at
Email from 10/22:
Wow!  What a crowd!   Awesome job to everyone!   Please thank your guest for us!  What a show!   As always, they were awesome!

Mark your calendar, December 16th is the Holiday Concert.  

Hope to see you there!  Thanks again!

Email from 10/19:
Special thanks to Martha Bacher and Cindy Jacobs for organizing Senior Night!  It was a wonderful and enjoyable evening!  Thanks to all those who assisted Martha and Cindy.
Many thanks to those who worked the game!  Your assistance helped make senior night more enjoyable.
*Please check your garages, basements, storage sheds or anywhere else you might have placed a Craft Fair yard sign from last year.  We need the signs!  We have date stickers to place on them.  Please contact me (Scott Hamilton at or 513-910-5063) if you locate a sign or need stickers.
Email from 10/14:

Craft yard signs are ready!  If you live on a highly traveled road, please obtain a sign to place in your yard.

If you have your sign(s) from last year, we have stickers for you to place the new date on them.

If you did not obtain sign(s) or stickers Tuesday after practice, I'll have signs and stickers available this Friday at the game.

This is our biggest fund raiser for band.  Please recruit friends, family members, businesses, etc. in highly traveled areas to place a sign on their property.

Email from 10/9:
Hey All - Mr. Welsh wanted us to send out a message about uniform attire for tomorrow's game.

The band students are to wear their ALTERNATE uniform.

If the weather permits, they will change into regular uniform with black pants so they will need to bring their black shoes and black socks.

Email from 10/8:
Hey all!  Sorry for the late notice, but if you can send in a snack for this Friday night game it would be greatly appreciated!!  You can send them in tomorrow night (Thursday) at practice or send them in at report time Friday evening.


Email from 10/6:

Just a reminder to all - this Friday is the deadline to place an encouraging word, photo, etc. for your band student, or student's section, in the concert program.

$50 for full page (8x10)

$25 for half page 

$15 for business card size  

If you own or operate a business, please utilize this opportunity to support the band and reach out to community members.   

Send your black and white, ready to print ad to Sandy at OR drop it off at marching band practice this Tuesday or Thursday.

Email from 9/25:
Report time for Saturday's game is 4:30pm.  Game starts at 7:00pm.  Anyone who wants to send in a snack, that would be great!  (We have enough fruit snacks and chips.)
Email from 9/17:
Some of the eighth grade middle school students will be performing with the high school band at the game this Friday.  So, we need more snacks than normal!  If everyone can assist with bringing in snacks that would be great!  Snacks can be dropped off at Thursday night practice or at report time on Friday.  Thanks in advance!!
Email from 9/4:
Effective immediately, ONLY BAND PARENTS ASSIGNED TO WORK a football game will be permitted into the restricted area around the football field.  The restricted area being the area the general public is not permitted to be in.  In addition, the band room and band hallway will have the same restrictions for every event.  If you need access to your student, notify a volunteer working the event so they can advise Mr. Welsh.
If you're assigned to work a football game, you will be responsible for obtaining a Band Volunteer Lanyard.  You can obtain a lanyard from Vice President Martha Bacher when you arrive for report time.  There will only be enough lanyards on hand for the number of volunteers working.
Parents not assigned to work event, siblings, relatives, friends, etc are welcomed to hang out in the "public area" near the band stand if you would like.
Email from 9/2:
Concerts are around the corner!
Parents can place an ad in the concert brochure.  Your ad can be simply an encouraging/support statement for your student, some parents collect money to place an ad for their student's section, i.e. drumline.  These ads will be in every concert brochure during the 2014-2015 school year.
Sizes: Business card ad is $15.00.  Half page ad is $25.00.  Full page ad is $50.00.  (page is 8 x 11)
Anyone wishing to place a parent ad in the brochure, please send me ( what you would like to say to your student or band section, along with a photo if you would like.
In addition, I can use everyone's assistance locating and securing business ads as well.  Any business you routinely visit, your employer, etc. talk with manager or owner to place an ad.  It's great advertisement for a cheap price.
If you own a business, we would love to promote it with an ad!
Email from 9/1: 
We have a busy week ahead of us.  We have performances for a parade, two football games and a concert. 
The first performance is the Harvest Home Parade on Thursday.  Parents who are scheduled to walk in the parade, please wear the red polo, black pants, black socks and black shoes. It's important to wear the correct attire for every parade event. If you're scheduled to walk in the parade and you don't have a red polo, please contact me and I can get you one. ($18) Parents are to report for the parade on Thursday at 5pm.
Friday night Oak Hills plays Harrison High School.  All volunteers that are scheduled to help with this game, please be there at 5:30pm.
On Saturday we have two events.  The first is a performance at Harvest Home Park at 2pm. Report time for those scheduled to help is 12:45.  The kids will have time to walk around after they perform, so we encourage parents to send money with their kids to buy something to eat at Harvest Home Park. Once they return to school, they will immediately change and head to Mount St. Joseph University to perform for their game during half time.  We will provide a snack during the third quarter as usual for the students.  ALL MEMBERS OF THE PIT CREW NEED TO ATTEND THE MT. ST. JO GAME. If you are a member of pit and can't attend, please let me know so I can find a replacement for you.  For the football game on Saturday, all scheduled volunteers must be at school by 4:30pm. The football game starts at 6pm. and we will return to OHHS at 10pm.
The kids will be in full attire for three of the four events this week.  Please look at the list below to see which outfit your child should wear for each event.
Thursday - Harvest Home Parade - Full uniform with white trousers.
Friday - Home game - Full uniform with black trousers.
Saturday - Harvest Home Park concert - Alternate uniform (red polo, white pants, white shoes and white socks) They need to have the alternate uniform on when they arrive at school Saturday afternoon.
Saturday - Mt. St. Jo. game - Full uniform with black trousers. (they need to have black shoes and black socks with them when they arrive for the concert. They will be changing at school for game after the concert).
No ankle socks for any uniform. Thanks for your time!  Have a great week.
Email from 8/30:
Thank you to all the volunteers who assisted with the tailgate party and game.  We survived our first lightening delay and the hot weather.
Everyone who sent in snacks, thank you!  Special thanks to Tim Brinkerhoff, who donated 30 cases of water for next week's events.
Email from 8/28:
Just a reminder, all game volunteers need to be there by 5:30pm.  Also, all volunteers need to wear their red polos with black pants or black shorts.
Don't forget your tickets!  You cannot get into the game without them!  See you at the game, GO BAND!!!
Email from 8/27:
We have a couple of band families in need of tickets for the Elder game this Friday.  If anyone has extra tickets to sell, please let us know.

Email from 8/26:

We have received information from several different sources indicating that the band association is providing dinner for band students Friday evening. The tailgate party is sponsored by several groups, not just band.   There will be hamburgers to purchase at the tailgate gathering.     

The Band Association exclusively is NOT providing any type of dinner for the students - they are on their own for dinner. 

Email from 8/25:

This Friday is our first home game of the season and we play Elder.  It should be an exciting night! Just a reminder to those volunteers scheduled for this game, report time is 5:30 - 5:45.  The place will be packed, so you might want to get there as early as possible.  The tailgate party is 5-7 p.m. Drumline will be performing at the beginning of the tailgate party. Every volunteer needs a paid ticket to get into the game. The tickets went on sale today for the public. 

WE NEED SNACK DONATIONS!  We supply snacks and drinks at every game for our students. At the home games, we also provide these snacks for the visiting band.  With band, majorettes and oakettes there are about 115 students from Oak Hills. We gladly accept donations at the Tuesday/Thursday practices or they can be dropped off at report time on Friday.  Some examples of snacks are rice krispie treats, fruit snacks, bananas, apple slices, brownies, cookies or individual packs of chips, pretzels or gold fish.

2014 - 2015 School Year

posted Jul 9, 2014, 8:54 PM by Sherry Tenhundfeld   [ updated Jul 31, 2014, 8:01 PM ]

Hello Oak Hills Band Families!
The new school year is fast approaching and that means drumline camp, marching band camp and practices - lots of practices!  We will have the details for band camp posted shortly.  In the meantime, as we prepare for the new school year, we would like to ask band parents for donations of bottled water.  The band association always has coolers on hand filled with cold bottled water to keep our kids hydrated.  We need your help to make sure we have enough for the band camps, practices, football games and parades.  Would you help out by donating a case of bottled water?  Thank you!  The water can be dropped off during camp, at any practice session or before the football games.

As Mr. Welsh mentions in the attached letter that you should have already received at your home, band students need white pants for their alternate uniform.  One place that carries these type of pants is Surplus Work Clothes in Norwood.  This is NOT a guarantee that they will have what you need, but many families over the years have been able to get pants there.

The first parent meeting of the Band Association is on Monday, August 4th at 7pm in the Commons.  Please plan to attend as there is a lot of information shared by the Board members and this is a perfect opportunity to find out how you can participate in your student's band experience!

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